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Make things easier.

Facilitation is a specific role in running meetings and enabling individuals to deal with conflict and other situations.  The word simply means ‘making things easier’.

Sometimes it’s useful to have an external facilitator to run a meeting – for example when a team is developing a new vision; when an organisation is revisiting its values; when strategy is being developed.  A facilitator enables all team members (including the team leader) to contribute equally, and all voices to be heard, so that none of the wisdom within a group is lost.

Action Learning Sets can be a specific way of making use of a facilitator – enabling members of the group to identify issues together and support one another in discovering solutions and ways forward.

A facilitator can also enable small teams or pairs of colleagues to resolve difficult issues together, perhaps in a situation where conflict has arisen or relationships are not currently working as well as you would like. 

Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss facilitation: we will listen to your precise needs and tailor a package to suit you.