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A Fresh Start

"Thanks for all your help in motivating me and organising me to get this done - I doubt it would have been finished … without your input and support.
Much to report, I'm really buzzing for the first time in years."

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A New Direction

"Through coaching and mentoring I have become more confident in my ability and the value I can add to the business."

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Building a Team with a Vision

"Jerry designed a very good programme (at a very reasonable price). The results were immediate and amazingly effective and helped immensely with team bonding. Individuals now have a better understanding of their colleagues through improved interaction and communication and the day was enjoyable, the time moved a lot faster than anticipated, we now appreciate that creating a good management team takes a lot of effort. He has helped me to start thinking about the team's potential, providing insight about how I currently work and where there is room for improvement."

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A New World

"...an extremely effective coach… set me on a new far healthier lifestyle path… supported me to take control/responsibility..."

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A New Confidence

"He's really helped me to re-think all sorts of things, and has increased my confidence and improved my self-perception no end… I've still got a way to go, but I'm on the right path!"

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A New Culture

Having appointed members to a new senior management team, the CEO of a Third Sector organisation working with the homeless was concerned to address some deep-seated issues which affected both community and staff as well as her own team. A culture-change programme was devised..

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