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After a number of years ministering in a demanding parish, a priest was looking for ways to approach the final years of her ministry there in a positive and creative manner. She had taken on large amounts of work, and was a highly valued member of the church and wider community, but struggled to adapt to changed patterns of family life and working.

Over the course of five coaching meetings, she was able to address some of the symptoms and causes of the tiredness and confusion she felt in the midst of her apparently successful ministry.

She found a new way to approach the lack of organisation that plagued her; a way which enabled her to discover a greater degree of self-worth and acceptance – the very things she was so good at communicating to her parishioners.

She found her own growth in integrity and effectiveness energising and exciting, deepened and strengthened aspects of her own spirituality, and took a real grip on some long-standing and difficult personal and professional issues that needed to be addressed.

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