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I have always found Jerry’s combination of compassion and clear thinking helpful to get me unstuck. His work with groups and teams using the MBTI has given them a language and a tool to recognise healthy and unhealthy patterns of relating. Particularly useful have been those light-bulb moments when colleagues can put a name to a thing that’s been niggling away in the background.

Senior leader, Church of England

Teams are everywhere. Football pitches; churches; businesses; charities – even families.

They should be MORE than the sum of the individual parts; but sometimes they are less effective, less happy, less productive, less creative than they could be.

perception works with your team to find the right way to develop, whether enabling you to build a vision to unite and motivate your organisation; helping your team to analyse its strengths and weaknesses, or building from a mission statement and strong values into clear and achievable objectives.

Facilitation literally ‘makes things easier’. It’s a specific role in running meetings and enabling individuals to deal with conflict and other situations.

Sometimes it’s useful to have an external facilitator to run a meeting – for example when a team is developing a new vision; when an organisation is revisiting its values; when strategy is being developed. A facilitator enables all team members (including the team leader) to contribute equally, and all voices to be heard, so that none of the wisdom within a group is lost.

A facilitator can also enable small teams or pairs of colleagues to resolve difficult issues together, perhaps in a situation where conflict has arisen or relationships are not currently working as well as you would like.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the options for your team or your organisation: we will listen to your precise needs and tailor a package to suit you.

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