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360° feedback logoMost of us see what we expect to see.

We look in one direction at a time – maybe at the people we get on with; maybe at our successes; or perhaps some of us just look at the people we find hard, or the things we have failed at. How can we get a more rounded view of ourselves?

There are many very good 360° feedback instruments. What they have in common is an ability to understand the effect we have on the people and organisation all around us, and to bring into our awareness both the things we do well and the things we could do better. They are a great tool to use sensitively within a coaching or team development process, and we can use out-of-the-box questions or design a process specifically for you or your organisation.

If you want to focus on how others perceive your emotional intelligence in particular, see the EQi page here.

If you want to think specifically about how you are perceived as a leader or leadership team, JCA’s Leadership Climate Indicator is a great place to start.

If you think professionally, supportively managed 360° feedback could help you or your team move to the next level, please get in touch, and we will design the right package for you.

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