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The higher up you go in any organisation, the more isolated you can become.

The more pressure you are under, the harder it is to think creatively.

Leadership is a privilege, an honour, and an achievement. But it can also be exposed, draining, and stressful. Leaders in all kinds of organisations report huge benefit in taking time out to reflect in a supportive yet challenging relationship with a mentor/ work consultant/ external supervisor (see these testimonials).

Often, a job is a commitment to serving people. For those in the voluntary sector in particular, it means working with volunteers and managing a complex set of personal and professional demands. You may feel you have a life, a vocation, a calling, not simply a job. How do you sustain this life of leadership and commitment?

How do you balance the demands on your time and your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual resources? Who do you talk to about your whole life, and the way the parts of it fit together? Who is there just for you, with no demands, with a commitment to your welfare alone, and with the independence to ask the hard question and support you as you answer it?

perception exists to help you learn to sustain yourself in a world of competing demands; to enable you to access the resources you need if you are going to find joy and fulfilment in serving others. Contact us if you would like to have an exploratory conversation about making your life more sustainable.

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