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Jerry was my coach supervisor early on in my coaching career. I found his feet on the ground, head in the theory style incredibly powerful. Our meetings were informal and relaxed, but the learning was powerful and stretching. If you’re looking for a coach supervisor, I’d recommend Jerry.

Professional coach

As a growing professional discipline, the coaching community takes supervision very seriously: it’s vital to be able to reflect on and develop one’s own practice as a coach.

perception delivers supervision of internal and external coaches, backed by rigorous and cutting-edge training from the Bath Consultancy.

perception supports individual coaches as they develop and grow their businesses, and commercial organisations as they develop creative and effective relationships with external coaches, or manage, monitor and develop internal coaches and a coaching culture.

If you are an external coach or the convener of a group of internal coaches in an organisation, please contact us to discover how we can support the coaching you offer.

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