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Working with Jerry was a real pleasure. The value for me was his ability to listen to what I said (and what I didn’t say), think about it and formulate the right challenges and questions to help me grow. As a result, my self-awareness increased considerably and I was able to take braver actions than I would otherwise have considered.

Senior leader, Bristol University

You can only do so much with training courses. You can teach processes and skills, but often extremely competent people find they have reached a sticking-point in their personal or professional development. Perhaps:

  • your team isn’t working the way it should
  • you find it hard to influence decisions
  • you put off the kinds of work or conversation you find difficult
  • you find that your trusted skills are no longer the answer to the challenges you face
  • you may have reached a plateau in your career, or be frustrated with your lack of progress in a specific work area or in your personal life

Coaching can help take individuals and teams to the next level. Through a structured, professional process focused on clear goals over a relatively short time-frame, using tools developed, selected and applied specifically to each situation, and backed up by reliable, committed and positive support, coaching can help you clarify your needs, address them and find greater fulfillment and success.

Mentoring provides a safe space for reflection in the midst of a sometimes frenetic life; a chance to pause, to reset your priorities and to move ahead, generally developing a rhythm over a longer time-frame.

In practice, many interventions work across the coach-mentoring spectrum. perception can offer individually tailored packages for limited time frames (say, six months support, including six face to face meetings, along with email and telephone support), or a more open-ended approach.

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