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Career Development

The days of a job for life are long gone. So are the days of a single, linear career. Today we all have to be able to identify the skills and interests we have which can easily transfer to a new role or a whole new industry.

Perception can provide psychometric career testing instruments to help you identify your strengths and interests.  Often putting these alongside a persoanlity preference questionnaire like MBTI can provide a huge insight into the sorts of role that would interest and excite you.  And after all, we spend a lot of time working - why spend it doing something we don't love?

Or you may be at the point of applying for a new role, and need help writing a CV or application which really reflects what you can offer, or to prepare for your interview.

Or you may work for an organisation and need to arrange testing for a series of interviews or a development centre: perception can help you there as well, offering external support to your recruitment process, BPS qualified to administer the right tests for your organisation's needs.

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