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Vision and Values

perception: the individual

  • Potential is greater than current performance: we can all grow and develop
  • Change begins with awareness: we can all grow in self-understanding
  • Motivation comes from within: we are responsible for our own lives
  • Each person is a unity: change in one area of life affects all areas
  • Each person is unique: coaching solutions must be unique

perception enables individuals to develop so that they are more self-aware, more flexible, and better able to manage themselves, their roles and their relationships, and more confident in their true abilities and potential.

perception: the context

  • Each person affects others: change in one person affects the whole team or organisation
  • Structures support or inhibit growth and performance: organisations can grow and develop, and cultures can be changed
  • Personal circumstances affect professional performance: organisations benefit from taking a whole-life approach with their people

perception develops a context for coaching which matches clarity of expectation with empathy so that the individual is both supported and appropriately challenged.

perception: business values

  • Integrity, approachability, professionalism
  • Responsiveness to individual needs
  • Commitment to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's Ethics and Diversity Policy
  • Affordability and value for all sectors and individuals
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