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Personal & Professional Development
Men's and woman's hands hugging a tree
Men's and woman's hands hugging a tree
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Working with someone who really ‘gets’ us and our aspirations is great and every session leaves us motivated and committed to the next phase…

He enables the heart of an issue to be opened up and understood in fresh ways, leading to the discernment of new and creative ways forward.

He creates a totally safe and trusted space where I can genuinely and deeply reflect, and feel both challenged and supported.

Through our work with Jerry we have not only improved our collective impact but also developed deep bonds as individuals.

…with a sustained conversation that has transformed my understanding of my working life.

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perception’s mission is to provide high quality coaching, mentoring and team development to all kinds of individuals and organisations. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, because each person is unique; so when we design interventions, we stick to the following principles:

Touch the grass

perception: the individual

  • Potential is always greater than current performance: we can all grow and develop
  • Change begins with awareness: we can’t grow if we don’t grow in self-understanding
  • Motivation comes from within: we are responsible for our own lives
  • Each person is a unity: change in one area of life affects all areas

perception enables individuals to develop so that they are more self-aware, more flexible, and better able to manage themselves, their roles and their relationships, and more confident in their true abilities and potential.

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perception: the context

  • Each person affects others: change in one person affects the whole team or organisation
  • Structures, relationships and teams support or inhibit growth and performance: organisations can grow and develop, and cultures can be changed
  • Personal circumstances affect professional performance: organisations benefit from taking a whole-life approach with their people

perception develops a context for coaching which matches clarity of expectation with empathy so that the individual is both supported and appropriately challenged.

perception: business values

  • Integrity, approachability, professionalism
  • Responsiveness to individual needs
  • Commitment to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s Ethics and Diversity Policy
  • Affordability and value for all sectors and individuals

There’s lots that can be done; but we won’t saddle you with expensive or inappropriate techniques and processes and won’t claim to be able to do things that someone else can do better.

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Call us on 07905 280115 or email for an initial consultation.

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