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Building a Team with a Vision

In consultation with the team leader, it was agreed that each member should complete an MBTI assessment with individual feedback, leading to a team day in which the insights gained could be put to work in fun, engaging ways. Members of the team were excited to discover more about themselves and gained a great sense of appreciation of one another's distinctive contributions to the organisation (see team comments below).

As the day progressed, MBTI insights were used to enable the team to develop a vision of the organisation in ten years' time, and to begin to visualise what high achievement would look like. Following extremely positive feedback after the first day (below), further days were planned to develop specific objectives and strategies for implementing the vision, to deepen understanding and relationships, and develop communication skills.

During the following two years, some 70% of this ten year vision had been implemented, and the team was excited to see all that had been achieved. An innovative ‘team development through projects’ approach has now been developed and the team continues to become stronger and more effective.

What the team said ...

"Helped with overall team bonding/understanding... greater understanding of colleagues as they opened up... great interaction and communication... the day was enjoyable and the time moved a lot faster than anticipated... appreciate that creating a good management team takes a lot of effort... helped me to start thinking about the team's potential... insight about how I am currently working and how I can improve it... "

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