Complex Organisations

It's easier working for a good boss than a bad one.

And it's easier working in some organisations than others.

Some organisations are relatively clearly structured, with strong reporting lines and a clear and unified sense of vision. Others are less so. For example:


  • a group of managing partners with a strong sense of company profile but less clear organisational or people development skills
  • a highly valued 'family' ethos to a business which needs to develop and change if it is to grow
  • a Board of Trustees with a strong agenda but little knowledge of commercial demands
  • a Governing Body with a sense of tradition but little knowledge of professional best practice

I have wide experience working in and with complex organisations, and have developed the ‘two worlds’ model to help analyse the situation (download pdf here). Leading in these contexts can be doubly demanding for executives and managers, as they struggle to balance the expectations of two or more very different constituencies within the organisation.

Coaching can provide a safe space in which in which leaders can evaluate the competing demands that are being made on you and to develop new ways of balancing them and making progress with key objectives.